How to Plan a Trip in Summer

The summer season arrives, and many of us intend to make a trip, either with family or friends, we need to organize it simply so that everything goes well.

As an active traveler that I consider myself, I have established five essential points to be able to choose a vacation destination point and an own itinerary for the days we are on vacation.

The points we are going to list below are the ones we follow, and it has worked very well for us.

1, Budget: mark a maximum budget around what to spend approximately, between fuel and lodging. This point is the main one to have a scale between what comes out a more profitable quality price.

road trip

2, Destination search: marked the Budget, we will search within the possibilities that the Budget leaves us the best destination for all occupants. It is good to make a group of WhatsApp or with another messaging application to be able to establish a destination that is at ease with everybody.

3, Search of the means of transport: although this is a page about cars, you know beforehand that it is not always the cheapest way. For example, if you travel to the Canary Islands, it will not be profitable to take your car. Therefore we will establish all possible means of transport and see which one is the most interesting; airplane, train, bus, car, etc.

road trip

4, Where to spend the night: Many times a simple place is the best option for experiences, even if it is not very modern, even if you don’t have the latest technology to lift the blinds. We only use the hotel/apartment for dinner and sleep; we get up very early and do not step on it again until the night of that day. You just need the essentials.

5, Mark an itinerary: if you go by car mark an itinerary of stops and an itinerary of visits along the way, for example, stopping in areas where you contribute some value to the trip. Such as stopping to eat in a historic city center or visiting a park Natural, you clear your mind and stretch your legs to continue the journey. Mark according to the days what you want to visit, so you will not waste time at your destination

road trip

Sometimes it is worth taking longer to reach the destination, and you start before disconnecting from the daily routine.

These are our five essential steps to take a trip and enjoy it.

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