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Web development is more than just creating Content Management Systems (CMS). Our web developers have the expertise and love a challenge!

Digital Marketing

We provide backlinks
and visibility of your website.

We turn an idea into a reality

You have imagination and we have functionality that will turn your dream into a reality.

Affordable App development

Though designing android application is a challenge but still we offer affordable service.

Special Discount

on unique requirments and projects

  • Full Support

    Overseas clients' queries and questions are welcome anytime, regardless of different time zone.

Web & app


  • Beautiful

    It works

  • Responsive Design

  • fits the desktop, tab and mobiles, helps in getting more users to the website.

  • Cosmos Web Design Bureau
  • Google search engine ranks responsive websites better

  • Seo

    Bring traffic

  • Digital Marketing

  • Cosmos Web Design Bureau
  • It is all about connecting with your audience in the right place at the right time.

  • Content

    Highly Valuable

  • Great Contents

  • Cosmos Web Design Bureau
  • have value. It lies in the engagement between the customer and your company.

  • Video

    It is a fact

  • Video Infographic

  • Cosmos Web Design Bureau
  • or videos demand more consumer attention than any other medium.

  • Ecommerce

    are demanding

  • Excellent Design

  • Cosmos Web Design Bureau
  • plus we work faster and provide guidance and assistance that will please you!

Let's design something amazing

Something that you will love, something that is in your head that needs to be out.

About Us

We are based in Rohini, New Delhi, India

Cosmos Web Design Bureau is an independent and ambitious Indian owned and operated Web Development, App Development & Online Marketing Company based in New Delhi. We have an unwavering dedication to produce the highest possible quality websites without compromising our desired goals. Our mission is to provide Web and App, and Digital Marketing solutions for businesses that are results driven and cost effective. The services we offer are specifically designed to help small businesses achieve a high return on their Internet Marketing investments. At Cosmos, our employees and staff work hard to help you Optimise your Online Advertising and give your business an edge over your competitors. We are developing apps and websites for various different markets and product categories. Our extensive suite of digital services is designed to help your business be found by customers searching online, and stand out from the increasingly crowded world of online marketing. We offer the complete online solution to all your web-based problems.

Recent Projects

Atlas is our current project. Utrust's ICO is Done.

  • Cosmos Web Design Bureau
  • Utrust, Switzerland

    UTRUST is a revolutionary payment platform that empowers buyers to pay with cryptocurrencies while providing a groundbreaking purchase protection mechanism.

  • Cosmos Web Design Bureau

    Atlas Trade Finance Limited is a specialist financial services company that focuses on providing International Trade Finance solutions, primarily for Brazilian and other South American exporters.

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Top 007 Reasons To Have A Website

If you have a business and you don’t have a website, do not worry, because more than forty percent businesses don’t own a website. And those who have a website do not pay much attention on the maintenance part and don’t up-to-date them. This sounds unprofessional, right? Maintenance of a website is equally important and you have a chance to beat your competitors in Google Ranking. Why don’t get a professional and fully responsive website and give your business an online presence? The website is often the first thing customers see.

  • You need a website. It’s a showcase. It’s a brand of your company. It’s a legitimacy. It’s potential of your business. It’s an online place. Without a website, your business has no any online identity.

  • With a website, you can do what you want! You can reach to your customers in seconds. You are owner of your website and you set up your own rules and formats. You are the boss.

  • There are people who are not on social networking platforms but one thing is for sure they have internet. They can visit your website if they find your products online

  • Your website is a hub - the entire information is there, all at one place, everything. Facebook is small, Twitter is tiny, LinkedIn has limitation. None of these platforms has a place to keep your entire contents. Your site is far bigger than these mega networking websites. Agree?

  • Your website is the potential of your business, and the customers use your website and decide which products and information are to be used.

  • Your website is an online home of your business. A good home is the centre of attraction, a good design grabs the attention of artists, and a home of quality products is the centre of customers.

  • A responsive and user friendly (UX) website gives an impression that your business is serious and it will certainly grow in size. Your website will reduce costs. It is quicker, easier and much more cost effective than print-based media.

"You might not make it to the top, but if you are doing what you love, there is much more happiness there than being rich or famous." - Tony Hawk

Top 007 things a client wishes to have on his Website

Every successful and big business was once a start-up. An excellent custom website can help achieve the goal – your website is a grand ambassador for your company. We all have unique personality traits and the uniqueness lies somewhere in our gene. One of the most striking things about clients is how differently each of them approaches us, with their different and unique requirements and yet almost all of them crave for top seven things, nearly every client wishes to have on their website. Other variations are due to their different interests in business.

  • A unique look of the website, unique design, unique features – these are what impress customers at first sight.

  • Unique business - customers love to know what unique products you have to offer them. A clear sense of everything should be on your home page, with a link to specific on products page.

  • Legitimacy – A complete postal address, emails, contact form, phone numbers, links to active social networking pages, SSL certificate is a plus point.

  • A good user experience (UX) - a clean and professional website itself gives a good user experience. A clear guidance on almost everything on the website can be highly useful for the new visitors.

  • Quick interaction – Yes it is an indispensable part of running a business online. By giving a quick response to your enquirer, you can grab their attention almost at once.

  • Quick Action – This is as important as above. We are people and we are always running out of time. In a business world, particularly online ones, saving the time of customers could mean growing your business with them.

  • Thousands of visitors per day - patience is a virtue. Logically, a quality product is a key and strategy to have traffic, plus a hardwork and dedication to customer services bring more and more customers. Technically, it requires investment in marketing.

"Customers may forget what you said but they'll never forget how you made them feel." - Unknown


Our beautiful web design can help you stand out in the crowd. Our websites are mobile-responsive and have a conversion focus. Responsiveness helps you to get more website traffic, clients and sales. We do this systematically with a well-designed layout and organised menu structure, ensuring positive user experience. The Cosmos Web Design Bureau team offers excellence in all design services without the inflated price tags.

Updating your existing website or looking for a clean start in website design? Considering eCommerce to grow your business? Logo design or other graphic design for brand identity? Whichever it is, we can help.

The team of our developers and designers approach your project in a professional manner with a fresh pair of eyes and a 200% positive attitude, in order deliver on your expectations. We are highly experienced website designers, web developers, and app developers, and marketing strategists occupying the small business space.

Cosmos Web Design Bureau


We are a bunch of experienced Mobile App developers with a positive attitude – it is all about passion. Android App Development is our core proposition, we do understand users and what they expect! An app is far more than a ‘nice-to-have’. We specialise in designing and executing mobile experiences for businesses with large customer bases who are looking to scale and create a standout presence in their competitive markets. We are well known for our passion, enthusiasm & ability to invent the best features possible, and come up with the most original ideas and well and truly blow minds with our suggestions! Our personality and relaxed approach put us well ahead of the rest.

Meet Our Newest Clients

Suraj Tekwani

Suraj Tekwani

Suraj tekwani is an Investor and Trader. He owns and lives in America with his wife and two kids.

United States
Stephen Coherton

Stephen Coherton

Stephen Coherton established Atlas Trade Finance Limited in 1997. He spent over forty years in international trade finance having worked for major international banks in London.

United Kingdom

Saint Clair

StClair is a Brazilian national and is based in Rio de Janeiro. He's Stephen's partner and is also fluent in English and Spanish. He has been associated with Atlas for some fifteen years.

Dr Harini Homeopathy

DR Ram

Dr Ram is an Indian Homeopath and he lives in New Delhi. He helps his wife deal patients worldwide via his website.

South India

Our Clients' words

I am totally satisfied with wordpress website. I appreciate all your CMS training parts. You have been so helpful throughout the process. I can update my website on my own.

— Sanjeev Pandey
Sanjeev Pandey

Thanks, Cosmos WDB, for a simple and good website. We will get your seo service from you too. Till then Thanks! Your pricing is affordable too, and thansk for discount! Well done!

— Dr. Ram Kumar
Dr Ram Kumar

In eu auctor felis, id eleifend dolor. Integer bibendum dictum erat, non laoreet dolor.

— St Clair
St Clair

In eu auctor felis, id eleifend dolor. Integer bibendum dictum erat, non laoreet dolor.

— Stephen Coherton
Stephen Coherton

Cosmos has been very helpful. Even if they don't cover an area I need, they have networks that get my work done. I would trust them with my Website and Marketing needs. All the best.

— Suraj Tekwani

Good work, cosmos. You provided exactly what I really wanted. Will get you involve in another project soooon, and of course I will definetely recommned your service to my contacts!

— Swammi Rupesham Kumaram
Rupesh Kumar

My local patients are able to find my website on Google now and other search engines. Your SEO work has been fast so far! And Thank you for your fast response too!

— Dr Prakash Kr Sinha
Dr Prakash Kr Sinha






Photoshop & Illustrator


JS and JQuery


Web Development


App Development






A Glance at the Pricing

Web Devlopment
Basic Designed Website / 2 Page Responsive
$ 600 / T T C : 2 Weeks
App Development
Basic App / Basic Functionality app
$ 5,000 / T T C : 4-5 Months
Digital Marketing
S E O Package
$1,500 Monthly
Content Creation
Article to Blog / For Websites
$200 / 500 Words / T T C : 3 Days
Basic ecommerce / Responsive Design
$2,500 / T T C : 2-3 Months
CMS Wordpress
5 Pages / Responsive Design
$1,200 / T T C : 2 Weeks
Video Infographic
1 Minute Lenth / HD Quality
$1,000 / T T C : 1-2 Week
Absolutely Free
Ask for a price quote (Special Project)