How to Adjust Honda Civic Car Headlights

The headlights of the Honda Civic use two adjustment screws to control the position of the headlights. Your headlights should be adjusted every time you put them back on, as the new h1 led headlight bulbs do not come pre-set at the factory. If you adjust your civic headlights too low, you will not be able to see while driving at night and could end up in a car accident. If the headlights are directed too high, traffic could be blinded.

If you’re wondering about the Cons of LED headlights over other traditional car light bulbs, you’ll find it would make a huge difference what you can imagine. The visibility is an important factor for night driving. It recommends installing the led headlights for cars as a better option while driving on the road that does not have enough illumination for lighting. Many people are replacing the bulbs on a regular basis time. That explains the greater phenomenon, the led bulbs would be used widely on the road.

Honda Civic

The Benefits of Replacing headlight bulbs

The LED bulbs are better for the environment, last longer, and look great, compare with other types of car light bulbs. However, you should know the following things first, before you replace your car headlight to LEDs.

  • It is not easy to install the led headlights, but they have a well-controlled beam of light and it is brighter than other bulbs.
  • The led bulbs would cost you a bit more money, actually, they are very brighter and slightly whiter than halogen bulbs.
  • Led headlights have the advantage on all aspects: brightness, versatility, efficiency, aesthetics and most importantly, safety.

In a word, there are many benefits that the brightest LED headlight bulb will bring for you and your car. You would never worry about the dim road for the long-distance, and you can avoid the danger in advance.

Follow My Steps

Park your Civic 25 feet away from the garage door so that the led car headlights are facing the door.

Turn on the lights to shine on the door.

Open the hood and turn the adjusting screw on the top of each Civic headlight housings. Until the headlight beams are both positioned in the bottom of the garage door, the door meets the ground.

Turn the adjusting screw on each housing of the Civic headlight housing, on the inside edge of the housing. Until the lights overlap each other, about 50 percent or the Headlight lights sit directly in front of the car.

Honda Civic

My experience of LED installation

For led bulbs, there are many factors to consider whether they fit with your headlights, such as voltage, size, resistance, and plug shape, and others that you need. But you would often forget the most important factor, that is the local traffic laws. It rules what you can install in your vehicle and what you can not do in it. So it is significant to comply with the rules.

Whatever you choose, whether you want to follow the manufacturer specs and obey the law or not, you should take other people and drivers into consideration. Make sure you select the bulb that doesn’t affect others’ visions. Because this can cause major traffic accidents and oncoming traffic.

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