How to Adjust Honda Civic Car Headlights

The headlights of the Honda Civic use two adjustment screws to control the position of the headlights. Your headlights should be adjusted every time you put them back on, as the new h1 led headlight bulbs do not come pre-set at the factory. If you adjust your civic headlights too low, you will not be able to see while driving at night and could end up in a car accident. If the headlights are directed too high, traffic could be blinded.

Honda Civic

Follow My Steps

Park your Civic 25 feet away from the garage door so that the led car headlights are facing the door.

Turn on the lights on to shine on the door.

Honda Civic

Open the hood and turn the adjusting screw on the top of each Civic headlight housings. Until the headlight beams are both positioned in the bottom of the garage door, the door meets the ground.

Turn the adjusting screw on each housing of the Civic headlight housing, on the inside edge of the housing. Until the lights overlap each other, about 50 percent or the Headlight lights sit directly in front of the car.

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