The Guide to Install A Led Bulb on 2002 Honda Civic Side Marker Light

Honda presented the 2019 Civic sedan and coupe versions in the last year. It highlights a slight change in exterior aesthetics, including chrome details on the sides around the fog lights, as well as improved LED lights for the Touring version that offers a wider beam of light.New Civic comes with better led lighting, no matter on the exterior or the interior. While led headlight makes the vehicle look modern, the white-led dome light gives you have a better reading experience inside the car. Look at these new Civic, an idea comes to my mind. Can we retrofit the old Civic to have these led lights? Today, I will show you how to add a 194 led bulb to the side marker light.

Put A Led Bulb on Side Marker Light

My 2002 Honda Civic have been lasting for years and I always keep up to date with the regular maintenance to it. Not to be overlooked are the lights of the Civic. Not only do they help to see, but they add visibility to other drivers. Side marker lights are particularly important. You can change Honda Civic side marker lights easily by following these steps.1, Park your Honda Civic on a level surface with the engine off, and make the parking brake applied. This is the necessary process whenever you want to make any change on your Civic and stand in front of or behind the vehicle, it will protect you from some unexpected danger.
1, Remove the two screws that hold the side position lens on the vehicle. The front side markers are orange and located next to the headlight with the lens wrap facing the side of the car. The rear side marker lights are one of the four lights covered by the tail light lens (turn signal, brake, reverse and side marker lights). The side marker light is closest to the side of the car under the red part of the rear lens cap. Both the front and rear side position lenses (including the rear mount) hold in place with two screws only, one on each side of the lens.2, Squeeze the bulb with your thumb and forefinger and push it into the bulb socket. Twist it (clockwise or counterclockwise), and you will feel the bulb “pop” toward you when the base of which aligned with the molded release channel in the receptacle has activated. When you think this “pop,” pull the old light bulb out sideways.3, Lightly coat the end of the new bulb (which goes into the socket) with dielectric grease. Dielectric grease will help seal moisture and debris out of the way that could interfere with metal to metal points on the electrical connection. Align the two side tabs on the end of the bulb with the release channel in the socket and push it as far as it can go. Then, turn the bulb clockwise or counterclockwise until you feel it “pop” in the locked position. Replace the lens cap.

What Benefit Led Side Marker Light Bring to Me

The 194 led bulb (from I installed on Civic side marker light is slightly brighter than the original halogen bulb. But the real reason to upgrade the side marker light is not for the brightness, but the energy-saving and long-lasting. The led bulb can last 30,000 hours or more. That means, I spend time to convert the side marker light bulb at this time, and I might never have to touch the side marker light bulb again. It will last maybe longer than my car. Besides, the led side marker light is really energy saving. The original halogen bulb on side marker light is 25 watt, while the led light bulb is only 2 watt. Led bulb requires less fuel to power it, and still can improve the car performance.


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