How to Change Car Headlight Bulb on 5th Gen Honda Civic

When a headlight bulb melts in the 1994 Honda Civic, there is no need to visit a repair shop. You can change the bulb at home and save an expensive repair bill. Your civic headlights are important for your visibility in the dark and dark. The majority mandates state laws that keep your car lights in perfect working order at all times. The 1994 Civic uses a 9006 bulb led, available at most auto parts stores and Honda dealerships.

Honda Civic

Follow My Steps:

Open the hood of your Civic. Locate the bulb cover inside the engine compartment and pull it out of the lighting unit.

Pull the wiring harness connector from the back of the bulb. Press the retaining clip down and pull back to remove the car headlight connector from your Civic.

Turn the locking ring counterclockwise to remove it from the bulb assembly. Pull the bulb socket back out of the headlight assembly. Remove the focus from the socket.

Honda Civic

Insert the new 9006 led bulb into the bulb socket. Insert the bulb socket directly into the headlight assembly.

Set the locking ring by turning clockwise to lock it in position. Push the wire harness connection in place until it clicks.

Place the bulb cover securely on the back of the headlight assembly. Close the hood and test the new headlights.

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