The Guide to Replace 2007 Honda Civic Windscreen Wiper

I’m going to show you how to change winds in a Honda Civic 2007. One should be fairly easy so basically, you need to pull up windscreen wiper and we need to open this cover.

Use the screwdriver and push it up, you might need to use a piece of clove put it into this gap here and then put the screwdrivers in and try to squeeze on the side and push it out.

Next, we need to move this simple dub light assembly so underneath here, I click in it to squeeze it in to pull it out. And you just push this clip right in so once you push the clip in then you can pull out the blade. Use your finger here push it in and pull the plate down. Once the plate comes off you can then pull out this strip and replace it with a new strip.

You got to play it out basically we need to pull this blade out of the assembly pot, where it said the lock and then put in your squeal drivers at the end, one at the end here then pull it down and. We just trying to pull out the blade just grab it try to plot out just lift this cap on and try to pull out this blade. We can just try to pull it out, just coming off, just simply pull and come out, so just keep pulling.

You can take the new rubber blade off the package and then put it into the assembly. Sliding into all the proper clip so you continue to push it all the way until you get to the end of that sampling.

You can put the assembly plate back into the wind swing. Once you whip once in every move once you have inserted the new blade here now, it’s time to insulate this whole assembly back into the place so just put it down here and pull up all the way. Finally, we can put the cap back on, now that everything’s all in place then basically the distaff complete, the whole process of replacing our windowscreen wiper and we can give a test.

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