Step by step to replace the Honda Civic Hybrid Battery DC-DC Converter

Today I’m going to be replacing the DC to DC converter on this Honda Civic Hybrid is located behind the rear seat.

There are a couple 10-millimeter bolts down here below underneath the seat, I will pop it out. And then we’re actually gonna kind of have to push it up to unclip the clips in the back of the seat and we’ll be able to pull this thing out.

Now that we got this rear seat cover off, the first thing we’re gonna do is to disconnect the accessory battery on the hood and then we’re gonna take out this panel. We can shut off power from the high voltage hybrid battery so we cannot work on this thing safely. We’re gonna it’s got some torque bits that are holding this steel cover on we’re just going to zip these out real quick. And then we’re gonna be able to access this DC-DC converter on this thing really a relatively easy repair.

There’s the DC-DC converter right in the middle, the two red leads are actually coming off the high-voltage battery and this louver lead is gonna go to our accessory battery. We disconnect all these a 10-millimeter bolts holding the power leads on as well as four 10 millimeter bolts around the DC-DC converter that actually holds it in place. But on these Civics this is actually our principal part, there are some other hybrids out there that this is actually part of the battery cell. And it’s replaced as all one unit but luckily, in this case, we’re able to replace this and this is what actually charges the accessory battery. It converts the voltage from the high voltage battery so we can charge the low voltage an accessory battery.

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