A custom website for writers and its Free of cost

I have designed a website for self-published authors but any writer or freelancer editor or individual can use it for his or her own purpose. I know writers are the people, who spend years and years in reading, writing and researching, and how they face challenges on the way to a publication deal but not all of them have that fate. At least, my contribution would help them make an online presence.

Please click “Now View Your Website” and take a look. It will take you to an URL ‘ Testingyoursite.online ’ and it is where we upload a web project for a view. Our clients appreciate this idea. A couple of images of J K Rowling have been used on the website - just for an idea and nothing else.
Click ‘Download’ button to download the website, but before you do that please read 'Some Instructions To Be Followed' down below.

Now View Your

click the texts and it will take you to Testingyoursite.online where you can see your website

Some instructions to be followed

After you have downloaded the site:
• Unzipped the file carefully
• Open the folder named ‘Author_website’
• You will see some folders and html files, a pdf file, but you have to double click ‘index.html’
• Now you can view your website on your system.
• You don’t have to open all the html files one by one as Index.html is already linked to every single webpage
• Open 'Web_Features'(pdf) as it will help you understand something important

Now you will want to test your own images on the website:
• Get into ‘Images’ folder and you will find some images there.
• Take notice of dimensions of the images : about_me.jpg (Dimensions; 854 x 570) , author.jpg (Dimensions; 800 x 676), and book1.jpg (Dimensions; 344 x 550)
• You must edit the dimensions and titles of your images with the ones provided above so they can perfectly fit on the webpages
• Now go to your website and refresh the pages.
• Congratulation, you have successfully put your images on your website.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to test your texts on the website - only a web developer can do that. Anyway, you would certainly want your site up online and running asap, so please consider Hosting with us. Its affordable than you think. Start preparing your contents and get back to me when they are ready. If you’re a kind of author who love to post articles regularly then you certainly need a WordPress based website but that would not come for free, and secondly you can’t open a Wordpress website on your system because setting WP is done online and it is really a pain to do. And since I have already provided a fully responsive website to authors I would be happy to get you a wordpress site and you can expect a 50 percent discount for it.

How Much Should You Pay for Web Hosting?

Once you have your domain, you will need web hosting but but there is an affordable servicing fee to edit web contents and upload your website on your domain. Hosting and maintaining a website is charged either monthly or annually. If you do not have much idea on the cost of a web development and other related things click WESBSITE COST IN 2018. Read the article completely and you will have a clear idea on everything.

I am offering only two services namely HOSTING & SERVICING A and HOSTING & SERVICING B You have to choose only one.

The pricing for HOSTING & SERVICING A is only $60. This package includes:
• Minor modifications to the layout
• 6 Months unlimited Hosting with Hostgator
• 5 Emails
• Free Maintenance up to 2 months

The pricing for HOSTING & SERVICING B is only $100. This package includes:
• Modifications to the layout
• 6 Months unlimited Hosting with Hostgator
• 5 Emails
• Free Maintenance up to 3 months

After six months, Hosting & Maintenance charge will be only $50 for the next six months!

When you are emailing your materials make sure you have the following:
• Complete Contents (texts) in doc Attached
• Images and logo
• Your name, and the name of the servicing Fee should be in the subject line
• A detailed instruction (If you want some customization done) in doc Attached
• Your domain cpanel details (User id & Password) in .txt file Attached
• Or you can send all the files in a single zipped file Attached
• Mail your attachment to my webmail: contact@cosmoswebdesignbureau.com

We will save your materials on our system. As soon as the amount shows up on my PayPal, your website will be up online in a couple of days. And your webemails and passwords will be emailed with an instruction on how to change the default passwords. Thank you so much for visiting my website. Now all you can do is share the link of my website with those who really need a website.

I wish you all the best !

One time Servicing Fee
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Now Download the website for writers and tell the world your stories online.

Will love to hear from you

If you have suggestions and advice to offer please feel free to drop your words in the contact form on Contact page . It will be greatly appreciated! If you have any special project and requirments please approach with an estimated budget. Your budget will help us to determine a suitable design for you, so please don't hesitate.