About us

Why do I build Cosmos Honda Civic Car Care Blog?

When I just bought my first car, Honda Civic, I am protecting the vehicle very carefully and everything to the thing I paid to the 4S store for repairing and maintaining. But as I learn more, I notice that lots of things actually we can do by ourselves, they are not difficult at all and what you need is patient only. So I begin to work and write down what I do to my Honda Civic, wish my experience can inspire you to do car care by yourselves too.

What tuning guide are you looking for?

I write articles causally. First I will go to Youtube and see some videos about Honda Civic, when I feel this video is awesome and I can do it on my car as well. Then I will do and write to my experience as a post here. But if you are interested in anything. Please let me know by EMail. If that is the thing I can do, I will no hesitate to do it and share with you.