The Guide to Install Led Headlights on a 2001 Honda Civic

The 2001 Honda Civic uses a headlight system consisting of a double-beam bulb. This news means that when a headlight burns out, you have to replace the bulb instead of the entire flashlight assembly. Unlike some cars that have a separate high beam and under the beam headlight bulb, the 2001 Honda Civic uses only one bulb. Ensure your safety when driving in dark conditions, replacing the white h3 led bulbs in your Civic immediately after they burn.

Honda Civic

What types of led bulb you can choose?

First, you need to confirm that the led bulbs match the type of headlight your car is equipped with currently before buying the led car light bulbs. The headlight has two types, the low beam, and the high beam. That means the former has two bulbs per headlight, the later just has only one bulb per headlight.

On the basis of your headlight internal wiring, you can choose the same type led bulb to replace. Actually, you can not take a single beam headlight to replace it with the dual-beam headlight.

Follow my Steps:

Open the hood to examine the headlight assembly on both the driver and passenger side of the vehicle. When looking at the passenger side, you will notice easy access to the electrical connector that feeds the headlight bulb. The power steering tank blocks the headlight bulb on the driver’s side.

Pull the power steering tank up out of the mounting bracket to create an access point to the rear of the headlight assembly.

Squeeze the left and right side of the electrical connector and pull it out to remove it from the headlight bulb.

Honda Civic

Remove the weather protection ring around the headlight bulb by pulling out the tab on the top of the ring.

Move the wire holder that locks the bulb in the headlight assembly down and to the side.

Pull the old bulb from the car light to mount the headlight.

Insert the replacement led light bulb into the headlight assembly and lock it in place with the metal bracket.

Install the weather protection ring and plug the electrical connector into the back of the headlight bulb. The locking tabs on the right and left side of the electrical connector will click when the connector fully plugged into the bulb.

And then, repeat steps 3 through 9 for the other headlight bulb.

Push the power steering fluid reservoir back into the mounting bracket on the driver’s side of the Civic.

Honda Civic

Tips and warnings

  • You will reduce the life of the replacement led bulb if you touch the bulb body with your hands. Just grab the bulb by the base during installation.


For a long time, you would use the led bulbs instead of the halogen bulb or and HID bulbs. It is a good choice for you to make a switch over from the halogen bulbs. Thus, the better it would be for driving, while you replace it in advance. The light produced by led bulbs can make your bulbs appear a white color by comparison from a long distance, and so it can be a good idea to buy some matching LED instead of halogen bulbs or HID.

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