How to Replace A Burnt Headlight Bulbs or Cracked Headlamp in Honda Civic

If a light bulb in one of the headlights of your Honda Civic burns, you will have to replace it immediately for legal and safety reasons. If the box containing the headlights and other bulbs is cracked or broken, it is a good idea to replace it with a new unit. This idea is especially true with a tail light, where a broken housing must be fixed or covered with colored tape by law. Changing a bulb in a 2005 model is a simpler process than with some older models; However, replacing a housing unit will have some extra work.

The traditional car light bulbs only have incandescent bulbs or halogen bulbs, without any optional extras. However, in the current automotive aftermarket, more modern bulbs may feature LEDs. These led bulbs housing with many components and they are more helpful to increase visibility in poor weather conditions and road conditions.

Headlight bulb

Open the hood, once you have confirmed that both the headlamp and the ignition switch have turned off.

Disconnect the headlight electrical connector from the bulb socket.

Disconnect the bulb from the box by turning it 45 degrees to the left and then pulling it.

Install the led bulb 9004 in the box without touching the bulb glass turn it 45 degrees clockwise so that it clicks into place. Connect the electrical connector.

honda civic

Headlight Housing

Remove the front bumper cover by removing all bolts, screws, and other fasteners at the bottom edges, the fender well, and the top edge.

Remove the four combined upper and lower mounting screws of the housing with a wrench, unplug the led bulb electrical connectors, the turn signal and parking lights and remove the housing.

Separate the small, black bumper corner beam from the housing by removing its bolt then install it in the replacement housing.

Install the replacement headlight housing on the car, connect the electrical connectors, and tighten the mounting bolts.

Reconnect the front bumper cover with all its fasteners.

honda civic

Tips and Warnings

  • You may need to increase the front of the vehicle and rest it on adjustable brackets to access lower bolts/screws on the bumper cover.
  • Depending on the bulb types, the cover can be turned counterclockwise easily and pulled off by using tabs.

What is the difference between LEDs?

LED bulbs are constructed differently and give off light in a different way to conventional filament or gas discharge bulbs. A small but increasing trend of new vehicles is equipping with LED headlights as original lighting. Some people would be concerned that the output led headlights could be affected, and it would cause glare to other road drivers.  But they’re still an increasing number of new vehicles are appearing with original equipment LED headlights. However, most of them are aftermarket LED conversions.


Although it may spend a little bit of money on the LED replacement, many drivers still love their brightness and their style. Those who are interested in the aftermarket automotive parts should ensure that they are fully committed to the full headlight replacement process and the road laws.

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