The Guide to Change 6th Gen Honda Civic Headlight Bulb

For the early factory headlight bulbs, they feature a forward-facing bulb cased in a reflective box. They were incandescent. These are merely an upgrade version of your home light bulb. But now it is hard to find them, unless on classic cars. The old headlights get very hot while using, give a dim light and are easily damaged by heat and vibrations.

Honda car lights manufacturers use 9006 sockets on their bulbs for simplicity, and you’d better need to adapt from 9006 to H13. It has an H13 bulb assembly inserted behind a curved, nonfluted housing. The bulb assembly has its fluted projector that can focus to give a flat and standard cutoff beam pattern.

It is important to keep the headlights on your 1997 Honda Civic in good working order. Your car’s headlights are important to shed light in front of you when traveling on the road in low light conditions. It would help if you replaced the h13 light bulbs in your Civic as soon as you notice that one has failed. You can buy new headlight bulbs for your Civic from an auto parts store or Honda dealership.

Honda Civic

Follow My Steps

  • Lift the hood of your Honda Civic and the rest of the hood on the support bar. Locate the headlight assembly just inside the engine compartment.
  • Pull the dust cover directly behind the headlight assembly and set it aside. Hold the clamp clip and squeeze it together to remove it from the bulb. Remove the clip and cable harness from the bulb.
  • Remove the bulb from the Civic headlight. You may have to turn the bushing slightly to the left to release it from the assembly.
  • Insert the new bulb into the headlight assembly. You may have to turn right to secure it in the assembly. Press the clip and cable harness directly to the end of the car led bulb.
  • Replace the dust cover by pushing it directly onto the bulb assembly. Repeat the process on the opposite side if necessary.
  • Close the lid and test your headlights to make sure they work properly.

Honda Civic

What should pay attention to the LEDs?

LED bulbs have different construction and emit light in a different way compared to conventional filament or gas discharge bulbs. So it might be a concern that the output of the lighting could be affected, which causing glare to the opposite drivers. Therefore, you must make sure the location and the size of the bulbs that used in your headlight are legal, do not damage others, this is necessary.

Lastly, we recommend you choose with the vehicle manufacturer specified as original equipment or custom the bulb from the manufacturer, according to the complexity of the car headlight. The operating temperature of LED bulbs needs to stable completely so that it maintains the consistency of light output. It also can help to ensure the light bulbs have an increased lifespan.

It is time to change the bulb

If you are planning to change the headlight, this is the right time to make the correct choice for your vehicle. There is no modification for these amazing headlight bulbs on almost all the different brands that are carried.

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