How to Change Car Headlight Bulb on 5th Gen Honda Civic

Although halogen bulbs improved on standard headlights, it is not as bright as LEDs. Halogen bulbs use halogen gas instead of a vacuum, providing a more uniform beam pattern, it is common lights on the road. There are new LED replacement bulbs that available in rear lights, brake light, and sidelights, as well as some internal lighting, that first seen on the new cars these few years ago. LED technology has developed rapidly. LEDs also can show the vehicle uniqueness in a modern way.

When a headlight bulb melts in the 1994 Honda Civic, there is no need to visit a repair shop. You can change the bulb at home and save an expensive repair bill. Your civic headlights are important for your visibility in the dark and dark. The majority mandates state laws that keep your car lights in perfect working order at all times. The 1994 Civic uses a 9006 bulb led, available at most auto parts stores and Honda dealerships.

Honda Civic

The LED bulb installation is the same as the halogen bulb. They emit lighting in numerous directions through the projector or the reflector, which is the same as the halogen bulb, making it more bright. I also changed the dome light and both map lights with cool white LED bulbs in my car. Obviously, they compatible with the interior light. It is brighter than halogen bulbs. The operating temperature is also cooler than the halogen ones.

Now, I would like to share my installation steps with you, it is quite easy to do that. You can change LED bulbs easily as you follow my steps. But make sure the bulb you change is legal in the car headlight.

Follow My Steps:

  1. Open the hood of your Civic. Locate the bulb cover inside the engine compartment and pull it out of the lighting unit.
  2. Pull the wiring harness connector from the back of the bulb. Press the retaining clip down and pull back to remove the car headlight connector from your Civic.
  3. Turn the locking ring counterclockwise to remove it from the bulb assembly. Pull the bulb socket back out of the headlight assembly. Remove the focus from the socket.
  4. Insert the new 9006 led bulb into the bulb socket. Insert the bulb socket directly into the headlight assembly.
  5. Set the locking ring by turning clockwise to lock it in position. Push the wire harness connection in place until it clicks.
  6. Place the bulb cover securely on the back of the headlight assembly. Close the hood and test the new headlights.

Honda Civic

The benefit of LEDs

LED bulbs save a lot of energy, they don’t spend the heat of their use. Because they are an efficient form of lighting. All the energy is used for actually generating light for the car light. The halogen bulbs are different from them. They need lots of energy to use as heat. LED requires less fuel to power them that help to enhance the performance of your vehicle.

What should be noticed?

You can also install an additional LED projector into the headlight, it can help to increase the level of the brightness. But you should make sure the light beam pattern is focused and without scattered light. Although it is a recent technology for LED bulbs, you must make sure the LED headlight bulbs in the manufacturer is legal to all the market regulations for car headlights.

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