The Ultimate Guide to Replace Honda Civic Headlight Bulbs to LEDs

I’m excited for the new LEDs for my Honda Civic Si, I was just excited to basically put them on my car already. They are really simple to install, these are the 9005 ones. this will fit on the Honda Civic for your high beams and your low beams. Personally, I may use them for the high beams / running daytime running lights because I already have HIDs on my regular high beams, I mean on my regular headlights. These may be installed for the daytime running lights which are the same one as your high beams. It’s not hard like the HIDs, it is just basically plugged and play.

Disconnect the halogen bulb connector and plug the new 9005 led bulb. If this doesn’t work this way, you would have to connect the other way to make sure we just put it somewhere and then test them out before you plug them back in. To take them back out just switch them out the other way just how to make sure you clicked all the way. Put the bulb in.

Look at that everyone, you can see the difference for the led and hid. For the site gets a little bit tricky to install it. On the driver side, this will have to be removed in order to get access to the bulb. And replace the new bulb in it.

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